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Our Work

Priest Lake Industrial

Deslaurier Residence

Dover Modern

Carr Creek Creation

Pine Hill Residence

Zen Cabin

Crossfit Gym

Folding Cabin


Careywood Barn / Greenhouse

Aviation Inspiration

Priest River Retreat

Northern Priest

Hidden Springs


Oden Bay Country

Newman Lake

Mountain Cabin

Hidden Dover

Garfield Bay Addition

Dover Bay Saltbox

Crossfit Gym (CLT Panels)

Sandpoint Facility

Murphy Bay Pavilion

On the River

Oden Bay Cover

Pristine Priest

The Hive - Sandpoint, Idaho

The Hive

Sandpoint Realty

Oden Bay Residence

Sandpoint Retreat

Dover Mountain Tram

Priest Lake

South Shores House

Kalispel Bay

TekR House

Chattaroy Cabin

Issaquah House

Spokane Rock Cliff House

9 Mile Escape

Liberty Lake House

Bayview Cliff House

Hayden Retreat

Picard Point

Green Building

Kootenai Bay

Ponder Point

Dover Residence

Bottle Bay

Dover Mountain

Bennett Bay

Priest Lake Chalet

Dover Bay

Art Projects